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An Outdated Site- It really is that bad!

Websites are great tools for marketing and driving in traffic but just because you have one, doesn’t mean you should ignore it. An outdated site can be detrimental to a company- not only is it driving customers away, it is directly impacting your business–and not for the good.

Your Outdated Site Can Make or Break Your Reputation

If you have an outdated site, that reputation can certainly precede you. Customers visit your website and leave it feeling less than pleased. There are a wealth of reasons why it is not good. Maybe it’s poorly designed and hard to find information on or it takes too long to load. Perhaps it isn’t optimized for mobile viewing or has an ugly design. Whatever the reason, they’re unhappy, and probably won’t want to buy from a company with a poor look and feel.

If your customers don’t trust your website, they don’t trust your company. They will not spend hours searching for information on there; they’ll simply leave and google another website that gives them what they’re looking for. No harm, no foul for them. Not so much for you.

Along with outdated design, outdated content gives you a really bad reputation as a company. Why would a customer trust you to stay on top of their orders or the service you provide to them, when your blog hasn’t been updated in months and you are advertising for events that have already passed? Customers believe this bespeaks something poor of the company itself, not just your outdated website.

Your User Experience is Horrible

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a site and trying to find a contact number, a product or service, or even a blurb of information on what the company does, and not being able to find it. Websites are not supposed to be challenging! They are supposed to be designed with the user in mind.

Couple that with a website that has not been optimized for mobile viewing, or a static site, and you can expect that visitors will not be visiting your page again. In fact, 44% of people who use smartphones won’t return to websites that are not mobile-friendly. Again, you don’t want to make the experience painful or difficult for your customers; you want to drive traffic and guide them (gently) to a sale.

You Forgot the Purpose of Your Site

While your outdated website might provide great content, you can’t neglect the importance of traffic that leads to conversions. Traffic to your website is useless if it doesn’t translate to direct business. Unfortunately, a poorly-made, outdated website that doesn’t lead the user toward a sale is definitely hurting your business.

Fortunately, Not All Hope Is Lost

There are plenty of ways to revive an outdated website. It starts with thinking about your users –what do they need? What are they looking for? Make your website simple, clean, and aesthetically pleasing so users can easily find information.

Do you need to improve SEO? Do you need to make a responsive website for various layouts? Do you need to clean it up so it loads faster? Do you need to be publishing content more frequently? And how do you profit in all of this?

You may also want to consider adding some social media accounts, if you do not have some already, to expand your reach and appear more vocal to your clientele. It will also help you appear more relevant in today’s society which is largely consumed by social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Remember, a website is one of the most powerful tools in your toolkit and its importance should not be underestimated. There is no benefit–only harm–to an outdated site.

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Special Thanks to Brandon Moore, who wrote the article “Why Your Outdated Website is Hurting Your Business