Online Marketing

Is your Web site getting enough traffic? MarCom Services can help you reach your Internet Marketing goals by optimizing your site for higher rankings, creating pay-per-click ad campaigns on Google and other search engines, and by designing e-mailings, banner ads and other campaigns to increase your web exposure.

Site Optimization
Create a fast loading, clear and organized web site, and then drive traffic to that site using state-of-the-art techniques for search engine optimization. We can optimize your site graphics, text and keywords to increase search engine rankings, and therefore your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising
We’ll create and manage an online advertising campaign using pay-per-click ads to direct targeted leads to your site. It’s incredibly affordable, the leads are of very good quality, and the customers have pre-qualified you before they contact you.

E-Mail Marketing
We offer advanced e-mail marketing with custom newletter templates, simple database management and robust reporting features. Call to view a demo.

Other Customized Internet Marketing
Banner ads, Directory Listings, Reciprocal Links, and other internet marketing techniques can be used to enhance any web site’s traffic. We will tailor a program designed to meet your needs.