Mobile Marketing: A Necessary Strategy

In today’s fast paced society, many consumers utilize their smartphones to research, buy, and sell products. Because there is so much mobile activity, it makes sense to have a mobile marketing strategy. While it may seem meticulous and time-consuming, it is something all business owners should include in their plans. Mobile marketing has many advantages and will definitely drive more traffic to websites, which in turn can increase profits!

An essential piece of mobile marketing is having a mobile website. There are a few options in regard to having a mobile site. Your website can be made compatible to mobile devices or it may already be a responsive website. The architecture of a mobile website is different from a desktop website as it has lesser space to occupy website components and content. A mobile website is said to be better if it loads quickly and renders better user experience. If your website is responsive, that means it is already mobile-friendly.

Another great tool to utilize when planning for your mobile marketing strategy are SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) texts. Studies have shown that people who opt-in and receive these messages open them within the first three minutes, which is great for advertising! While there have been some instances of consumer complaints in regard to spam text messaging, there are now tighter regulations, resulting in a much lower chance of being labeled as spam. If you’re planning to launch a commercial SMS campaign, make sure your e-mail list is permission-based and you have permissions to send an email campaign to an entire list of people.

Mobile apps are another way to boost brand awareness and consumer affinity. But before having one launched, you must have a thorough understanding of your audience. You must also decide whether or not there will be a charge to download and/or use the app. Often times, companies will offer a free version of the app that allows for basic uses and functionality, but will then give consumers the option to purchase a “premium version” of the app. Premium versions will usually include more features and functions and give consumers a better experience.

Another great way to keep a positive mobile presence is by using mobile coupons. Businesses that offer coupons via mobile devices appeal consumers who love to have discounts and additional deals. Location-based shopping coupons using mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular. They enable buyers to save on every purchase they make.

Lastly, Mobile ads and campaigns help give marketers a way to plan and render interactive dialogues with customers. For smaller screens like mobiles, ads should be short, instantly understood, and effective. The ads should also carry visible call-to-actions with a minimal number of steps. The ads must contain value offerings to the recipients, so make offers that are in-tune with their buying habits.

Mobile marketing strategies are often very effective and will not only widen your audience but also help track and monitor customer feedback. It can become cumbersome for many who are not tech-savvy, or who cannot dedicate enough time to mobile marketing communications.

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A Special thanks to Tarun Gupta, author of the article “How To Design A Perfect Mobile Marketing Strategy?“- the inspiration behind this post.