Sales People- Why They Fail

Being a sales person is not an easy task. Out of the 22+ million sales representatives working in North America, only 40 percent will consistently hit their sales targets, while the other 60 percent will fail to close deals. Why do some sales people succeed while others fail? Here are seven reasons compiled by Matthew Cook […]

6 Rules for a Highly Effective Marketing Team

Here is a list of 6 rules that will help you build a strong marketing team. Think competencies, not skillsWhen looking to fill open positions, many organizations look for an exact match in skills and experience. This often limits opportunities for internal career advancement, since existing employees are unlikely to have an exact match in […]

Why Every Marketing Team Leader Should Know How to Write

Whether you’re scribbling a quick note to your team or crafting a feature-length article, you reveal a part of yourself in what you write. The nuances of your writing — word choice, sentence structure, references, and tone — are like interlocking puzzle pieces; they come together in your reader’s mind to create an image of […]