17 Online Marketing Tools to Boost Productivity and Make Your Life Easier

Often there are times when marketers struggle to keep up with time and productivity. Here is a list of some nifty tools, that can help boost your online marketing productivity and make managing projects easier.

Project Management and Collaboration 


Mavenlink is a top tool to have, it has a full feature list that covers everything from managing tasks, to tracking projects (including internally and also with clients), sharing and recieving files and tracking time and expenses. It is an all-inclusive project management tool and it even integrates with Google Apps. While it is tricky to get the hang of, once you figure it out– you will be the star of controlling all your projects at once.


Basecamp isn’t a new program, so its not a suprise if you have already heard of it. Like Mavenlink, it is a cloud-based project management tool however you can’t track your time or expenses with it. You also cannot task other people. Basecamp is a simple client-based management tool that you can share files and conversations on for project-by-project basis.


Trello is a good tool for the individual project management, not client. It is similar to Pinterest in the sense that you create a task card instead of a “photo pin” for each project which is like a “board.” You can make lists to record your progress on each project and it is very easy to learn and use.

Search Engine Optimization 


Moz is another SEO tool that’s super easy to use and navigate.  You can track how your keywords rank and compare words side-by-side to see how they are doing against each other. You can also see which search engines are sending traffic to your site from your dashboard. The layout of the dashboard is very visual and one of the best features.


Dropbox works like a cloud. You can access your files from anywhere once they have been placed in the dropbox. It acts as a strong online server, and it stores all your files (no matter the size) online so that all the members of your team can see and edit them. You pay for the space you need and you are set. There is no need for emailing large files back and forth if your team is spread out in different locations. Just drop it in Dropbox and everyone has access. This is a very easy program to learn how to use, and it saves you from headaches from the stress of unsent large files.

Google Drive

Google Drive is similar to Dropbox, the only major difference being it is FREE. You can share resources, files, spreadsheets, and they all can be uploaded and edited in the drive! The storage limit for Google Drive is 15GB and did we mention free? There is an unlimited amount of users for Google Drive that can share files at once. It also has great search capabilities which are good for file and folder searching, and it also has a slew of apps (like DocuSign.) All you have to do is ‘share’ a document with a team member and it creates a document right in the drive. The only requirement is that you have A Gmail account.

Social Media Managment 


Hootsuite is a great tool to have if you manage multiple social media accounts for multiple clients. There is an option to pre-schedule posts for a specific date and time and you can also preview how it will look. Using Hootsuites “streams” you can view all of your posts for all the networks in a visual format, which makes it very easy to keep track of everything. You also can keep track of analytics for campaigns (which is a handy tool for those who regularly report the success of social media campaigns.)


Tweetdeck is similar to Hootsuite in the sense that you can manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts from one dashboard. It also can update you on when posts go live with a handy pop-up box that shows in the corner of the screen. However, Tweetdeck only works for Twitter and Facebook. It also does not integrate with Google+ or LinkedIn.

Visual Contact Tools 


If infographics are part of your digital marketing campaigns, please do not use PowerPoint. There is a program called Piktochart that is wonderful, because it lets you create graphic-design worthy infographics. It is user-friendly with minimal glitches, and you don’t have to be a designer to end up with a beautiful infographic. All of the charts get stored into your account, so you can go back and edit them at any time.


A great program to use, that makes beautiful and interesting visual content is Prezi. This application is neat because it runs on the cloud. It allows you to create interesting and outside of the box contene in an engaging presentation. It is simple to use, and has awesome results.


Organizational Tools 


Flexadex is a great tool to store important contact information for all your clients and collegues online so you can look them up anytime. It is like a handy address book for all of your clients.


If managing a bunch of blogs and social media accounts is your thing, you know how annoying it is to forget passwords and usernames, Passpack is great to have, because it stores all of your passwords and usernames in one online account that you can share with clients or your team.


If you are a list person, this is the program for you. This program is designed to keep your lists and notes organized so you don’t have to go crazy looking for them. You can make notes with images, voicemails and even website links in this program. You can even label your notes and turn them into reminders and then share them.



Google Apps 

Google Alerts

This is a neat tool, courtesy of Google, that tells you when your brand is mentioned online.  You can even have it alert you when your competitors are mentioned.  Pretty helpful for seeing who is mentioning you on the web.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is responsible for keeping track of your and your client’s website traffic and where it is coming from. The graph view is especially handy to visually see when your website traffic goes up and down so you can better understand how to capitalize on the actions that caused traffic to increase.

Google Calendar

We use this all the time to keep track of meetings, video shoots, conference calls, out of office reminders, etc.  You can share the calendar with your team and your clients and best of all – you can have different calendars for different purposes (family, internal meetings, client meetings, etc.).  You can choose to see them all at once, or turn calendars on and off to see one at a time.

Google Apps for Business’ 

This is a fully integrated apps system that just makes doing business from a mobile device easier.  The apps include Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar (as discussed above), Google Sites (a web development tool), and Google Groups (for internal or private discussion forums).  The best part about Google Apps is that they all integrate seamlessly with each other.

Google Insights 

Wondering how popular a certain keyword is?  Use Google Insights to see if your keywords are gaining or losing popularity over time.  You can search by region and find out what’s popular during certain times of the year, like the holidays.


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